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Important Organic Gardening Supplies 

Organic Gardening

The success of any project depends on having the right tools for the job. This fact is no less true when it comes to organic gardening. In fact, the right tools can mean the difference between success and failure. Organic gardening is made more difficult than traditional gardening because there are no quick fixes. Any remedy you use must be natural and free of chemicals and toxins, which limits your options.

Organic Gardening Work

So here are the most important supplies you'll need for your organic garden. Remember that starting with the best option that you can afford is worth the time and aggravation that you'll be saving yourself. 

  • Fertilizer

If you have the time and space to make your own fertilizer by composting, then this would be the preferred way to go. There's a reason some people refer to compost as "black gold". Compost helps plants resist disease, insects, and drought by providing important micronutrients. It's also extremely versatile and serves multiple purposes: as a potting or planting medium, as mulch, and as fertilizer. There are commercial products which can speed up the process by adding microorganisms to the composting material to aid in the break down.

However, some prefer the convenience of buying their fertilizer and there are several organic options on the market which will do a good job providing the nutrients your plants need. An all-purpose formula which can feed all your fruits, herbs, and vegetables can be mixed at planting time, and when your plants need supplemental feeding. 

Organic Gardening Fertilizer

  • Insecticide

While small insect infestations can be handled by removing them by hand, there may come a time when it becomes more than you can handle. That’s when you need a good, all-natural pesticide. One good option is neem oil. It’s an all-purpose insecticide, it kills mites and fungus. It kills all stages of insects: eggs, larvae and adults.

  • Garden Hoe

This is an essential garden tool because it serves so many important purposes. You can use it to dig small holes to plant seedlings, to weed, and to break down soil. One thing to remember when purchasing any garden tool is – you get what you pay for. You’ll be using your hoe a lot, and you want something which can stand up to the wear and tear. Buy the best garden tools you can afford, and they can last you decades.

Hoeing and Weeding an Organic Garden

  • Garden Fork

You’ll need a garden fork to turn your soil, turn your compost, and to dig up potatoes. Look for a fork that has the head forged from a single piece of steel. Either square or V-shaped tines with diamond tips work best.

Important Organic Gardening Supplies

  • Other Important Tools

Anything which makes your gardening easier will be an important addition to your tool kit. A good pair of gloves will protect your hands from callouses and abrasions. To be more comfortable while planting or weeding, you may want a garden mat or rolling bench.


Remember having the right tools will make your job much easier and can help ensure the success of your garden.

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